Friday, December 17, 2010

Set Mock Up, Light tests, etc.

Okaaaay... where to begin

I guess I started building stuff.  Mock up stuff, roughly to a 1:1 scale, except for maybe the height of the trees.
Ground with foamcore and trees just out of carboard and hot glue.  Y'know... cheap stuff.

Here's some scale shots:
One half of the 'hallway' done.

Closer shot
Now with both sides done, trying various shots.
Either side can come apart depending on which side I'm shooting from.

Whole mock-up done, circle in the back.

This is actually all I had in materials, so compositing for the win?

More various shots to explore

Now with lights!  Oven mits not included.

Okay so here I have the original shot in mind for the first shot, roughly composited just to see what it looks like.  And the picture after is roughly added color and texture.  So this is roughly what the opening shot will look like, minus the poor compositing, of course.

Well, I probably won't be having any updates until after winter-session semester, unless something interesting comes up, maybe I'll post an animation test... so happy holidays, and see you in March(?)!

Monday, December 13, 2010


And now for another something completely different!

This is my Intro to CGI final for this semester's class.  4 week project.
Done in Maya with digital drawn elements.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

More DP dump

Here's the setup for the projection test.

During which, I did an animation test and a matte test.  Both turned out very useful for the projection test, especially the way the boy's puppet was constructed.  It moves in a very different way than I had expected it to.  Damn rebels never listen to their parents.


Here's where I am now with the puppets.  The boy is more or less done, I just need to close up the bottom of the pants.  Yeah, completely different than in the sketches; as I was building him, I fell in love with the yellow monochrome that the foam and latex were tinted, as well as the way the head looked just as it is.  All I need to do with the cat is paint the feet and glue on the fur.

Set mock-up shots coming soon!  Reality not included.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Demo Reel

Here's an updated demo reel as of Fall 2010.


I just took a giant... Here's a picture dump for Degree Project!

 This is where it all began.  Just doing some doodles.  I tend to do this thing alot where I instantly come up with a narrative for a random character I would doodle.  Let's just say, its completely different to what it developed into.

Here's the cat I drew shortly after... or did it start with this?  I can't remember.

And then 2-3 months later, what?

And here's the various armature ideas I had for this, pain in the ass, hole.  One of the main reasons I didn't buy a ball and socket armature is because of this blasted hole, aside from it being really expensive.  As you can see, I didn't use any of these.

Here's the beginning armature

Detachable arms in case they need replacement

Added epoxy and rig points

Added epoxy to the ring

Got my latex, straightening out the arms and legs, filled in some latex into the grooves to smooth out the spiral a little bit, and ready to wrap.

Wrapped the arms and legs in sports wrap and ready to coat some more latex.  Oh and sanded the epoxy ring.

Hey hey... Ted and I be chillin'... I can't seem to remember who took the pictures.
I'm fiddling around with my rubik's cube.

All latexed up and ready for the foam.

Foam rubber added very carefully and precisely, as you can clearly see.

Balsa wood block to start.  Changed the head shape quite a bit.

Feet!  Along with some standing full body shots.  Ain't he adorable?  Caroline and Angela in the background.

And now for something completely different!

Plasticene maquette for the head before I make the wood one.

Now comes in ears!  Bonus hair not included.

And now for the wood head.  Here's the basic shape.