Thursday, December 9, 2010

More DP dump

Here's the setup for the projection test.

During which, I did an animation test and a matte test.  Both turned out very useful for the projection test, especially the way the boy's puppet was constructed.  It moves in a very different way than I had expected it to.  Damn rebels never listen to their parents.


Here's where I am now with the puppets.  The boy is more or less done, I just need to close up the bottom of the pants.  Yeah, completely different than in the sketches; as I was building him, I fell in love with the yellow monochrome that the foam and latex were tinted, as well as the way the head looked just as it is.  All I need to do with the cat is paint the feet and glue on the fur.

Set mock-up shots coming soon!  Reality not included.

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